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William Tyrrell: NSW Police search Kendall as detectives eye one suspect

Police in NSW are looking closely at ‘one person in particular’ in relation to the disappearance of William Tyrrell.

Police in NSW have confirmed they are looking at one suspect in the case of missing child William Tyrrell.

Officers have begun searching three locations in Kendall, where the then three-year-old disappeared in 2014.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said detectives had narrowed their focus to one suspect.

“My understanding from the investigators is that there is certainly one person in particular that we are looking closely at,” he told Nine on Tuesday.

“I’m confident that the team who has the investigation at the moment can solve it.”

William was three years old when he disappeared in 2014 while playing with his five-year-old sister in the front yard of a home in Kendall.

Police have revealed detectives will comb three new locations in the small country town on the NSW mid-north coast over the next three weeks, searching for the boy’s remains.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott said police had never given up on finding William.

“There’s a record $1 million reward so I hope we see this come to a conclusion,” he told Sunrise.

“We wouldn’t be promoting the reward if we didn’t think it was a useful tool, when we announced it five years ago we knew someone was holding back information.”

The search comes after police received information William’s remains may be in the area, with State Crime Command director Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett detailing the renewed search efforts and “operational activity” under Strike Force Rosann on Monday.

“There are three specific locations and they are all in the Kendall area,” he said.

“I don’t know who took William. We are hoping to find out throughout this investigation.

“It’s highly likely that if we found something it would be a body. We are looking for the remains of William Tyrrell, no doubt about that.”

He was also probed about new information the force reportedly received in September which pointed to a previous suspect being questioned again.

“This is in relation to information we have received, no doubt about that. There is an investigative review that has been undertaken as an ongoing process but there is also new evidence,” he said.

“I will not go into specifics.”

He also confirmed detectives would be adopting a different search method and calling in experts outside of the police force to help with the search.

There’s been no trace of William since he vanished in 2014 but images of the youngster, wearing his famous Spider-Man suit, were circulated across Australia. He was wearing the costume when he vanished.

William’s disappearance prompted one of the largest police investigations in Australian history.

In September this year a professional bush tracker told NCA NewsWire he was devastated police called off the quest for the boy’s location “too early”.

Jake Cassar, a bush tracker called in to help the search for William and who also led the hunt for three-year-old Anthony “AJ” Elfalak, said he still suffered from the heartache of William‘s search party being scaled back after seven days.

William’s case was put back in the spotlight in early September when police confirmed “new information” was being investigated, but detectives did not elaborate on what that involved.

Mr Cassar, 45, said it was a painful reminder of the “missed opportunity” to find more information when the 2014 search lost momentum.

At the time, police said if William was in the bush it was unlikely he would still be alive after six days.

“I was devastated because I was open to the idea of him still being out there … anything was possible,” Mr Cassar said at the time.

Mr Cassar, from the Central Coast, said an assumption that William had “definitely” been abducted settled in on day five of the search.

“It was deeply concerning – having that locked in – that he had definitely been kidnapped,” he said.

“And that’s why, days after the search had largely ended, I stayed out there with my dog and a couple of volunteers from the area.”


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