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‘Winter’ blast just two weeks from summer

The seasons have gone topsy-turvy with blistering cold temps across a swath of Australia – but elsewhere “oppressive’ heat is on its way.

After the sodden rains, here comes the shivering cold. Or blistering heat – depending on where you are.

Large parts of Australia are being hit by a “winter” blast just a few weeks from the official start of summer. Melbourne may top out at just 14C today, Canberra at 12C and Hobart might only just squeak into double digits.

The Tasmanian capital just shuddered through its coldest November night in 60 years with snow landing on the city.

Yet the Top End is about to settle into an “oppressive” heatwave with 42C highs and nightly minimums that won’t be far off the thirties.

Meanwhile, all that rain from last week has entered catchments with scores of flood warnings across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

The ski season may be over but no one told the weather, with snow falling on the fields.

“The winter chill is here, not two weeks out from summer with below average temperatures persisting today across large parts of south eastern Australia,” said Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne, who dubbed the event “snowvember”.

“The snow is remarkable but not unheard of to see snow at this time of year.”

Hobart’s coldest November night for 60 years

Hobart fell to 2.9C at dawn on Monday, the coldest November night in the city since 1953. Kunanyi/Mt Wellington, which overlooks Hobart, bottomed out at -5.8C at 4.30am, likely to be the third coldest temperature ever recorded in Tasmania in November.

Snow fell on not just the peak but at sea level too with the white stuff settling at an elevation of just 200m.

The cause is a gusty cold front pushing through following all that moisture. And it’s not done yet.

“The cold front itself is moving out to sea however, cool south-westerly winds in its wake will maintain showers, snow, and also make for another chilly day today for many elsewhere around the country,” said Ms Osborne.

Winds will ease on Tuesday but temperatures will remain 5 to 10 degrees below average across south eastern Australia until the middle of the week.

An 11C high in Hobart for today with the chance of some showers. After a 5C low overnight the mercury will edge up to 15C on Tuesday and then 18C midweek. Tuesday and Wednesday should be dry with some showers later in the week.

Chilly in Melbourne with a high of 14C on Monday and then only 16C on Tuesday with a minimum of 8C but toastier on Thursday peaking at 25C.

The mercury should then settle around the 20C mark. Some possible showers in Melbourne on Thursday as a low pressure system in the Great Australian Bight delivers a rain band across the south and east of the country.

Canberra is looking at a 12C high on Monday and an overnight low of zero. But ratcheting up on Tuesday to 17C and then 24C on Friday during a mostly dry week.

Adelaide will reach 17C today, 19C on Tuesday and then flying up to 29C by Thursday. A low of 9C on Tuesday morning will hike up to 19C by Thursday during a mostly dry week.

Flood worries in NSW

By the time you get as far north as Sydney much of that cold has already been banished, witnessed by a high of 23C on Monday. It will dip to 21C on a windy Tuesday and then as high as 28C on Friday. Any showers should be confined to the weekend.

Flood warnings are in place across southern NSW with concerns particularity for the Upper Lachlan River. The State Emergency Service has said rising waters at Young and Nanami could see floods similar to those in 2016.

Spring sunshine for Brisbane with 30C highs to begin the week and then down to 26C on Wednesday and Thursday. Mostly dry but a shower could sweep through midweek.

Warm with blue skies in Townsville with 33C maximums.

Western Australia will have a pleasant run this week. Perth will top out at 26C on Monday which will set the tone for the coming days with mid-teen dawn minimums. Showers could make an appearance later in the week.

‘Oppressive heat’ for northern Australia

The Northern Territory and parts of northern WA, will be blistering.

“Heat is building across the Top End after a surge of dry air flushed out humidity over the region during the day yesterday,” said Ms Osborne.

“Daytime temperatures rising into the 40s once more over the Darwin and the Kimberley area. And from Tuesday to Thursday, a severe to extreme heatwave will rip the Northwest top in oppressively hot days.”

Darwin will see a string of 37C this week only dipping to 36C as the weekend nears. Minimums of 27C can be expected. Light showers are possible later in the week.

A low intensity heatwave is already over Darwin and that will grow into extreme heatwave conditions just south of the city. The heatwave could spread as far as Broome in WA which will see 35C highs.

But you have to go slightly inland in the north to really max out the mercury.

Katherine is looking at highs of 42C from Thursday onwards with Tennant Creek also hitting 42C on Saturday and close to that on Thursday.

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